Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does Christmas Change As You Get Older?

When I was little.... I remember how hard it was to go to sleep on Christmas Eve. I would roll around in bed, count the hours until it would seem like a reasonable time to wake up my parents. I would run to my parents room, jump on their bed and scream IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!

As I look back at it.... those days are long gone. Christmas is a dream for kids. But as you get older, the presents, the cultural norms of Christmas looses its intrigue.

The way I approach Christmas has been much different, as I got older. I rather sleep in, than wake up early for presents. But, the most telling sign is... I have become very reflective during Christmas. I much more concerned with spending time with friends and family. I even prefer the food over the presents. But more importantly, its about the birth of Christ.

I can't help, but reflect on the coming year. Christmas has turned to a day of rest and reflection, rather then the previous gift focused day.

I really cherish how I approach Christmas now, then before.

So, how has Christmas changed for you as you got older?

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